Local-Outstation Transportation

Local-Outstation Transportation Service

Local-Outstation Transportation Service
  • With a presence in over 100 cities across India and centralized assistance, the company has a pan-India reach
  • It is possible to set up multiple bookers
  • Expats are catered to by chauffeurs who are fluent in English
  • Departments, cost centers, and projects can all be used to define booking
  • VIP Reservations with No Hassles
  • Weekly/fortnightly/monthly MIS reports have automated billing and invoicing
  • Mobile Apps, Corporate Command Centers, Dedicated Account Managers, Onsite Implants, and Special Weekend Getaways for Employees are all key differentiators. OTP, Cost Optimization, Quality, Safety, and Reliability Relationship Management - Account management in conjunction with CRM activities Benchmarking - Adherence to SLAs Dedicated Operations Booking and dispatching resource Rates, technology, and operational quality will be benchmarked, as well as timeliness
  • Every vehicle is checked for cleanliness and driver grooming on a daily basis. Measurements with the Covid-19, as well as aroma in the car and Cab Amenities
  • With an average age of two years, we have a fleet of 200+ corporate branded vehicles, including buses, minibuses, luxury SUVs, luxury MUVs, and premium sedan sedans
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